Vado releases 14 bricks the titles inspired by the Paid And Full Movie scene between Rico and Mitch.

Download:Vado – 14 Bricks

This 1960 Skateboarding photos shows the Manhattan New York Skate Scene in a much different light in this photos from LIFE magazine with smiles from this young New Yorkers before the drugs and violence that came in 70’s & 80’s. The Soul Artist of Zoo York Skate Crew who put New York skate scene on the map where more rugged and where followed by skaters who where also as such like Harold Hunter and Keith Hufnagel.

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Marketplace: ” For years, if you wanted illegal drugs in New York City, you’d get the number of an anonymous dealer who would show up at your location with the goods. Now an entrepreneur who goes by the name of “Ronnie” is trying this technique with… grilled cheese sandwiches. Hungry customers get Ronnie’s number from a friend, or a friend-of-a-friend, and they text their order, and in 15 minutes or less they get a hot, grilled cheese anywhere in the Lower East Side.” Link