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Earlier today Dame Dash stopped by The Breakfast Club with Murda Mook and OG Daniel to chat it up DJ Envy, Charlamagne and Angel Yee. Some of the topic covered is his film Loisaidas which features Smoke DZA and Murda Mook and much more.

Video below

Smoke DZA & Al-Doe ft. Dame Dash – They Got Money

Smoke Dza and Al Doe release a new song called They Got Money featuring Dame Dash doing the usual trash talking. The song is from the upcoming RFC compilation album, The Outsiders, due out November 18th with featuring from the whole crew including Al-Doe, Bluntsmoker, NymLo and 183rd. Audio Below

Dame Dash Talks The Current State Of Rap Culture On The Combat Jack Show

Damon Dash makes his return to The Combat Jack Show to talk about the current State of Rap Culture and responds to the recent Funkmaster Flex comments.

Audio Below

Dame Dash Ft Jim Jones & Smoke DZA – Dont Be Scared

Dame Dash keeps the ranting going with a new track ft Jim Jones and Smoke DZA called Dont Be Scared produced by Ben The Glorious Bastard.

Audio Below


A few days back Dza released Hearses with Ab-Soul today Smoke DZA follows up with a new video directed by Dame Dash.  Video Below


Dame Dash sits down for a interview on the The Combat Jack Show he talks about Aliyah, life without Jay Z, and being done with the music game.

This is the one you’ve been waiting for. Damon Dash talks Aliyah, life without Jay Z, how he’s completely done with the music game, why he was an asshole to anyone who got in his way and why the kind of “broke” he is might be the best thing in the world. We also get some very tense moments as Just Blaze finally airs out why he didn’t eff with Dame for over ten years. Ya’ll truly ain’t ready for this dynasty thing.

Dame Dash is back with a new gallery called Poppington similar to his DD172 spot in Tribeca and is holding court at this new creative space where artist, graphic designers, and musicians work under one roof. With the new space Dame will be holding a exhibition September 27th, called “Quality of Life” group art show featuring contemporary street artist from New York City such as Beau, Jim Joe, Katsu, Phil, Pixote, Sabio, and WOMP, curated by David Barnett, David Chang, and Beau.

“Dame said it like just how hard I work. How diligent I was. How aggressive I was. I never turned anything down. He (Dame Dash) would tell me stories on how Kanye would jump on tables and rap. Interrupt Jay-Z’s sessions and be like ‘but, listen to this rap’.”


According to All Hip Hop Curren$y is suing Dame Dash, the former owner of Roc-A-Fella and DD172.

The lawsuit states that two of Curren$y’s albums in 2010, Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk II, were released by Dash despite the New Orleans MC striking a deal with Warner Bros. who had exclusive rights to his music. The lawsuit states that two of Curren$y’s albums in 2010, Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk II, were released by Dash despite the New Orleans MC striking a deal with Warner Bros. who had exclusive rights to his music. At press time, Dash has responded by claiming that he had the right to release “the albums in question because he was given permission.” Dash states that Curren$y stabbed him in the back by “reneging on their agreement and signing instead with Warner Bros.”

Camron, Vado have team with other Harlem native Dame Dash DD172 artist Mckenzie Eddy to release this mixtape presented by Ski Beatz who produced the majority of the tracks called Blue Tops Vol 1. Listen Below

Download:Camron, Vado & Mckenzie Eddy Blue Tops VOL1.


Muscle Car Chronicles, Episode 9 starring Curren$y and McKenzie Eddy. Jim Jones: The Making of the Hip Hop Monologues, Episode 6. And The Streets is Watching, Starring Jay-Z. Episode 5.

+Tillman Blu–Live TONIGHT, McKenzie Eddy with special guests performing at Tillman’s (165 West 26th Street between 7th and 6th).

+McKenzie Eddy’s “Earthlings” +Dash’s “Apache” +Sean O’Connell’s “Deer Cabin” +McKenzie Eddy’s Greatest Hits Trailer +Bluroc Magazine, In Stores Now +Karin + Raoul: The London Souls + Dynasty Electric Photoshoot