Kate Night With Jimmy Fallon paid loving tribute to Jeremy Lin last night by spoofing Pearl Jam’s classic “Jeremy,”

At home, shooting free throws and three point shots, Waiting for a job, name not yet a pun Carmelo injury, came out of nowhere like an Asian Tebow
The Knicks were 8-15, oh and before that no one really cared
Now Jeremy is winning and the Knicks don’t suck
Jeremy Linsanity, Jeremy Linsanity
Clearly I remember picking on the boy, seemed a little Harvard nerd
when he beat Kobe Bryant,
set a screen and took it to the hole to show that Asian men can drive,
and he hit them with a surprise three, the crowd went crazy, now he’s famous
just turned down a date with Kim Kardashian
Spike Lee’s on the sideline cheering, and tickets to a game costs 800 bucks
Now that the Knicks are winning, it’s a miracle
Jeremy Linsanity, Jeremy Linsanity
Trying to bank this off the backboard
Jeremy Linsanity