Has Been Shutdown Swizz Beatz Was Revealed As The Secret Ceo

Just a few hours ago was shut down thats no the suprizing but what was is Swizz Beatz was the secret Ceo of the company I guess only his record was the rambling about music not one of it artist .

According to the New York Post, ” Mr. Beatz as the company’s chief executive, the musician has gotten his celebrity friends in trouble by asking them to promote the site. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Chris Brown to Serena Williams appears in the company’s catchy new “Mega Song” commercial. But Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West, and, in particular, caught heat for it because their label, Universal Music Group, issued a take-down notice last month for unauthorized performances when the promo appeared on YouTube.

MEGA UPLOAD SONG!!!! HTTP://OKFOC.US from OKFocus on Vimeo.


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