American Psycho The Musical

#uws My Favorite fictional upper westsider, serial kiler, and wall street broker Patrick Bateman is coming to broadway in the form of a musical .While it has been talked about for sometime

Composer Duncan Sheik, Told the Journal

“I was just in London and met with Rupert Goold, who’s going to be directing the show,” Sheik told the paper’s Speakeasy blog. “We’re plotting a set of workshops in September of this year and we hope to quickly go to a regional theater in the beginning of 2012. I wish these things happened faster, but I have written 14 new songs and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, who’s writing the script, is in the middle of the second act. Now we have to get down to the brass tacks of developing it.”

With the characters ear for 80’s song hit makers such as Huey Lewis, Phil Collins and Whitney Houston maybe Patrick Batman can sing himself a tune.


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