B-Real Of Cypress hill on Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y:

After Nearly Two Decades In The Rap Game, B-Real Has Certainly Done His Part To Contribute To The Global Expansion Of The Genre. As One-Third Of The Universally Respected Rap Trio Cypress Hill, The Los Angeles, California Native Has Had A Hand In The Making Of A Classic Album (The Group’s 1991 Self-Titled Debut) And Rocked Epic Tours That Have Made Rap One Of The Top Selling Music Genres In The World. On His Recently Released Project, The Harvest, Vol. 1, The Rapper/Producer Has Brought Together A Roster Of Aspiring Rappers From Across The Globe—France, Canada, Italy, South Africa, And Pakistan—For A Mixtape Compilation Of International Portions. A Sonic Backdrop That Is A Mix Of Hip-Hop And Rock Courtesy Of B-Real Accompanies The Melting Pot Of Flows. With The Harvest B-Real Is Planting The Seeds For Hip-Hop’s Future Sound And Schooling Cats On That Next Ish.

There has been a sort of a revival in the weed culture within rap with guys like Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y. Are you a fan of their work? Would you work with them?

Yeah, I would definitely fuck with them if they reached out to me or whatever. I definitely am not one of the old school veterans that don’t like working with the new cats. I’ll work with the new cats. I have no problem with that, because they carry on what we started and that’s important even if they never mentioned who we are, what we are, or if we influenced them. The new cats these days are going to take this game on to the next level. There are a lot of cats out there that are dope that I would fuck with and those cats that you mentioned are definitely some of them.

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